Drawing and cooking

I spent the last 2 months pretty intensively helping Ivan (my 17 year old son turning 18 this week!)  learn to draw so that he could have a fairly competent portfolio with whcih to apply to the Harvards of Animation school. (Ringling and CalArts)  I began to feel jealous, watching him, and simultaneously I remembered my friend Portia encouraging me to apply for NEA grant in Drawing…we suspect its probably a bit less competitive than Painting, though, we could be wrong here….

SO I began drawing as soon as we were done applying.
I am working on a drawing up in my attic of the years of soccer sneakers and shoes that have accumulated. I plan to finish the drawing and then throw the piles and boxes and bags of shoes away. (Except for ones that might be useful to Ida And Mars who still have years of soccer ahead.)

So this morning, I’m standing in my kitchen watching Marsden eat his cereal and I realized that it was something I wanted to draw; him hunched over the bowl in his patterned sweatchirt with the dizzying chaos of our kitchen stretching out in all directions from where he was eating. SO I ran off and stole a big pad of paper from Ivan who was still asleep in bed.

I drew for 3 hours from about 11-2. I kept telling everyone to let me keep drawing. I drew Marsden first and then worked out from where he had been, having made indications of how everything related to him. I had to keep asking the rest of the family all to move away from the counter or to put the milk back where it had been.( I decided that it was worth having the milk and half and half get warm just to get so such a drawing accomplished.)

Let me see if I can photograph and post the drawing as I am immensely pleased with it.

 Once I was done with the drawing, I attended to the 3 loaves of bread I had rising overnight, the piles of unwashed dishes (I hadn’t wanted anyone to clear because I was drawing!) the leek and potatoe soup that had to be made and the spinah pies and baked beans for dinner. AS usual afer making art, I felt happy to cook and be Mom now.