Halloween: Cross-dressing

So Halloween has come and gone. My daughter and her friend were inspired in a very conceptual way to be “Black” and “White” for Halloween. Very beautiful.

My son, at 12 years old, has figured out what to be for Halloween next year. He dressed this year as a garden gnome as we had a lot of the components at home in our “costume” box. ¬†About an hour into trick-or-treating, he was fed up with the gnome idea as too many people were staring at him. So in the car, he took off the vest and the hat. He removed some of the stuffing and shoved the rest of it up to his chest area, losing the belt. Now he was a girl. His 13 year old friend spent the rest of the evening pushing the breasts up for Marsden in between gawking at real teen age girls dressed in hot pants and fishnets. Marsden really enjoyed people’s mix of surprise and mirth as they realized that his pretty face and blond hair was a confusing mix of fake and real. ¬†Driving home in the car with a big sack of candy, Marsden reflected that he would simply buy a tacky Walmart princess outfit next year, stuff some breasts, find some girls shoes to fit his big wide feet, and be set for a pretty fun evening.
I was interested to hear him loudly announcing this plan to other boys his age the next day. Somehow, he has the chutzpah to pull this off at the age of 12!