Over The Top, Celebrating Life-Learning

Victoria building the lemon cake

My family of 6 celebrated New Year with one of our most favorite homeschool families  ….the 5 kids (only one of which is currently “homeschooled”!), a fabulous girlfriend of the eldest son, and the Mom of course, my companion through thick and thin.
      So we had 10 kids in and out of the house, playing Manhunt, attempting to build a bonfire in our water-laden back yard, 2 of them off to pick-up soccer in Albany, and others working on a fashion website…
     One of the best things that happens when we get together is the food. This particular family is very knowledgeable about food and they have taught us many things over the years, important things, like how to make good pizza, how to make french fries, what is important when baking a cake, how to incorporate lots of vegetables into your pasta dishes, how to make pasta, etc.

The waffles ready for takers

So, we “built” one of our trademark lemon cakes…I am very proud of having introduced this recipe to our collective resources, but I still can’t make it with the ease that my friend does….This is a cake that literally towers with lemon.  Then the next morning it was a tower of Waffles from a new cookbook that my daughter got for Christmas…The waffles have cream and milk in them….We heated some of our frozen raspberries to drizzled over the top….
      This is one of the unspoken great things about home-schooling, the time and inclination to concentrate on good food. Our kids know what it is, even if they still love a bag of Doritos.

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