Practically Embracing Technology

That’s his head on the bottom of the screen

My son is in college in Florida. He and his fellow animation students are given more homework than is humanly possible to accomplish in the allotted time. Incredibly, he made it this far, past the middle of March without paying the inevitable price for countless sleepless nights augmented by no time to eat either. Then, this past weekend, he spent the entire weekend unable to work due to a fever, headache, and just plain malaise.

 He and I have been “skyping” alot. It is a great way to show each other drawings that we are working on, and I will admit to helping arrange furniture in one of his illustrations, etc. You can even view each other’s desktops! But this weekend, we reached a new height of intimacy. He suddenly disappeared from the screen and when I asked him what he was doing, he replied “Folding laundry.” Then he explained, still off camera, that he thought he had better make the bed in case he suddenly needed to sleep again. Sure enough, he lay down on it in front of me and I could just see the top of his familiar head. After awhile, I continued working, and realized that he had fallen asleep on camera. I called his name softly, and he woke up long enough to agree that he needed to take a nap. So we agreed that I would leave the camera on so as to be able to wake him in a while,  and went out and worked in my garden. When I came back an hour later, there was my boy, just the top of his head, still sleeping. So after awhile, I woke him up so he could eat some dinner, which he didn’t feel like doing. It was as though he was home again…in his usual corner only this time actually really  “on the computer” more literally than he ever was in the flesh…

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