Diving and age

My younger two kids prevailed upon me once again and we went to the local swimming pool on Tuesday evening. I talked myself into joining them in the water; afterall, swimming is supposed to be good exercise, and I used to like spending time in “the pool” when I was a kid. As a matter of fact, I used to be able to do a front flip off of the diving board. So, of course I thought nothing of doing a straightforward dive off of the board. I followed Marsden into the water, ignoring a searing pain eminating from my left big toe as I left the board. It wasn’t until I was trying to help Ida get warm by the side of the pool a few minutes later, that I noticed the trail of blood I was leaving at the pool’s edge. I looked at the bottom of my toe. It seemed to now have a hole in it. What happened? Is it the forty extra pounds of weight since I was 14 and used to do this with ease? Was there a nail on the end of the diving board? Is it the ancient quality of the dried and calloused skin on my feet that can’t sustain the pressure of jumping from a diving board?

A second family arrived at the pool. I sat with Ida, my foot elevated as I tried to stop the bleeding, and watched a teenage girl do the most beautiful swimming I have ever seen. As she propelled effortlessly through the water, seeming to move at great speed, she caressed the water with a reaching action that involved rythmically turning her wrists at each stroke. I liked thinking how, once she was dressed and out of the water, one would never know about her sensuous strength as a swimmer…she would appear to be just another normal teenager.

1 thought on “Diving and age

  1. Don’t let a small little hole in your foot stop you from becoming the diving queen you long to be. Stick a band aid on your toe and dive back in. Remember your body is only going to get worse, so use it up while you still can.People may look at you as see just a normal middle aged, ok eccentric middle aged lady. Little do they know the sensuous artist within, able to caress the canvass surface with brushstrokes ever so deliberately and facile. Maybe that’s why you liked the teenage swimmer. You are like her.

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