A Less Orderly Life

garden fresh

One of the many benefits of a less orderly life is that in the Spring, when I crave the bitter strong taste of dandelion after a long winter of store-bought greens, we have plenty of huge beautiful specimens to dig up. I bring them inside, wash them, cut the leaves at the base so they are all free of the stem, and toss them into a frying pan in which olive, garlic, and salt are already sizzling….Soooo delicious. And as organic as the $5.99 bunches in the “Health Food Store”.

See other posts for some of the drawbacks of a less orderly life. My 16 year old son just asked me the other day while making a cup of tea, wether I thought it was possible for a “Crisis Farm” to be neat and tidy. In other words, is it perhaps the nature of the beast to constantly be in flux with unfinished projects, collections of potentially useful materials, gardens in which weeds are OK (cause many are after all edible!) and so on. I told him about an old, but working, farm I had just driven by yesterday where the verdant pastures were littered with rusting machinery and bits of ancient vehicles, but where also perfectly operational tractors and trucks were parked in front of the big barn…..Perhaps each vehicle as it died functioned for awhile as a parts supplier….And it almost looked to me yesterday like a natural sculpture park…but I know I have a special vision when it comes to junk.

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