Making pizza and paintings

my glasses where I left them

 Channeling William Carlos Williams here:
(but the female multi-tasking version)
making pizza
need yeast from fridge
old celery in fridge
recipe for celery soup?
need glasses to look in cook book
where are they?
outside hanging from the garden fence post where I left them several hours ago
go get them
take camera with me to take a picture of the inside of the compost bin.

interior of the compost bin

Which brings us to the main idea of this post:
I have become someone who thinks of “planting” plastic bags on my property so as to allow it to get embedded into the natural environment as it does in the woods around here….I want to make some more paintings of this phenomeon…and when I went to get compost out of the big bin, there were some beautiful plastic bag specimens curling through the compost….

Detritus #4 oil on linen

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