“Crackers” about Vacation

Early morning ocean

In my 5th official week of vacation; weeks only broken by a 5 day stint of teaching 3-7 year old “sprouts” who mostly are already very accomplished “artists”,  I enjoyed the company of my family from Virginia visiting our NC beach house. We frolicked on the beach and played crazy games like one  called “Things” each evening. It was fun except that I had to refrain a bit from kitchen activity, as the guests don’t find baking in August in an un-air-conditioned house an acceptable activity. I, on the other hand, subscribe to my dear friend Jessica’s theory which is that if it is already a hot day, turning the oven on doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. Anyway, I restrained myself to 2 loaves of bread, some broiled fish, and a peach cobbler while they were there.
As soon as they were gone (and after I returned from a little jaunt down to Florida) I baked the crackers pictured above. Good crackers (and by “good”, I mean crackers without hydrogenated oil and corn syrup, and other harmful ingredients) are expensive and can vanish quickly from the pantry shelves, so I had wanted to try making them from scratch for awhile. They were incredibly easy as the recipe in “how To Cook Anything” had promised and they are delicious, if a little softer in texture than most commercial crackers.
I have a sneaking suspicion that my relatives find my desire to cook things like this somewhat ludicrous. I can just hear my sister saying, “I’ll go buy you a box of crackers if that’s what you want”. She’s missing the zen of creating each moment as much as possible. Yes, there can be zen in reading ingredients on the packages in the Food Lion and searching the aisles for the rare appearances of actual food, but to me, that’s a more difficult route to oneness with the universe.

Poppy seed crackers

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