Blind and remembering

the “wetlands” behind my house

I attend my last “native plant” class today. This will be our 6th session, meeting once a month during the growing season to “meet” about a dozen plants a session. These plants are full of nutrients and medicinal properties and they grow around the house and along the edges of the roads…. Last month, we did something different; leading and being led, with our eyes closed and without language, through the woods. When it was my turn to close my eyes, I at first felt unsure, and then as I walked along with my companions’ hands guiding my arms, I grew more at ease, trusting their pace and the subtlities of the pressures of their hands on my arms…and then a most amazing experience swept over me. I would think that I sensed sunlight, or deep shadow, and then I found myself experiencing ideas of being next to a driveway under a tree, or being in “the” backyard and it was sunny just ahead of me. It felt like clear physical memories without any idea of naming places or events. I felt so grateful for being able to feel this that I wanted to cry. Does my body have a deep well of experiential memory? I have never felt this before…it is akin to the feeling one gets by shutting ones eyes and counting ten calming breaths; the sudden remembrance of being in one’s body more than in one’s brain, as we mostly are.

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