more trash portraits!

Completed baby on tray

I’m trying to work consistently on the portraits now, knowing that my studio will shortly become uninhabitable once winter kicks in….we may get the wood stove installed sometime this winter, but then again, we may not!

The baby above is the second completed portrait, and I’ve begun the third below. Collecting the “commissions” and then issuing letters to everyone who had submitted objects took more time than I had budgeted in. That’s a weird thing about being an artist…you spend a lot of time with paperwork and documentation, and emails.

I sent out letters letting people know that I had received their materials and planned to complete as many portraits as possible before December. I had to send two letters out that asked the recipients to please send me a photo of someone to be painted on the fabulous object that they had left for me. I have received no response from either one. I can’t figure out why they would leave me an army green plastic canteen, for example, with no photo of someone to paint on it.

I’m very excited about the two kids below…I can’t help feeling that the commissioner of this one really understood the project!

bother and sister with Betty Crocker started….

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