Speaking for the Aimless Cluster

kale growing like wildflowers

It’s time to “put the garden to rest” as they say. They say it and I try to comprehend it, but the garden, like a lot of other things in my life, doesn’t really get “put away”. Just as I don’t always put all the dishes away, (maybe partly because I am about to start preparing the next meal?) I also don’t completely clean up the garden. This slackerly permissiveness allows kale that has sprouted up all over the place to flourish now into the winter. I pull the biggest bunches out of the ground to both eat them and thin out the “patch”. Similarly, the parsnips have regenerated themselves and are growing will nilly, here, there, and everywhere. Parsnips are delicious no matter whether they come out of a straight row or an aimless cluster….

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