“Vacation” Photo

6 inch long incision to insert a 4″ long metal plate complete with several screws

Fortunately, the nurse had a smart phone and was kind enough to take a photo of my son’s surgery. Otherwise, I would have no photos of my Florida “vacation” to post.
There have been a few other things that I wished I could have taken a photo of:
This morning on the way to the bank and the Walmart, there was a long row of at least 10 brightly colored newspaper vending machines…all in  a row at the edge of a sort of no man’s land along the highway. A vague landscape of warehouses and palm trees stretched out beyond them.

Then, at the Walmart, I again felt the urge to snap a photo as I stood on the cash register line and looked over at the next line where an extremely overweight youngish man labored to pay for his groceries. I watched him reach laboriously for his wallet, and then slowly pull his money out. I noticed a long scar running along the entire left edge of his face and continuing on across the top of his forehead….and I couldn’t help it, the word “frontal lobotomy” charged into my brain. He seemed slow in more than just a physical way and there was something veiled and red rimmed about his eyes….and then, he said something to the cashier and she called over an elderly gentleman whose main job seemed to be to charm the customers as they entered and exited the store. She informed him that the overweight man was not feeling well and needed to sit down. The charming man rolled over on a wheelie thing and offered it to a different customer first. The cashier redirected his attention to the heavy man, now leaning on her counter. The charming man rolled the wheelie thing right over to the heavy man who sat down, very heavily on it. (It did not flinch) The charming man talked gently to the heavy man, asking him conspiratorily, “What’s up man?” “Not feel’ in too good?” and so on. I left the store, sort of dazed and finding my attention far from making sure I had the right change.

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