Portrait Update

The foil wrapped box has held up to the paint…I was worried about this one!

This placemat surface is actually a wonderfully coarse version of canvas!

Still might smooth out the young man’s face a bit further, but it looks so much like him that I”m almost satisfied…

I have 4 more portraits to start and complete by April 20th, which is when I will hold a “Givening” at the local Community Center to both display and give the portraits away to their owners. I must create an announcement for this, and make sure I get it to all the participants. I hope some of them are forewarned by reading about it here!

1 thought on “Portrait Update

  1. These are wonderful. The whole series is so beautiful, funny, a sort of fascinating reverence and irreverence for the material possessions that we attach ourselves to. I really am loving this work.

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