Another Day, Another Portrait Or Over-riding Disney

Once again, soooo exciting starting this one, with the lavender baby magically arising
 out of the disney-esque fairy landscape….

I went at it some more after this session…..will post finished one soon.

 And then there is the one I finished last week…probably the most difficult one of all.  Look at the expression on that little schoolgirl face. She is trying to care about having her picture taken and maybe aware that past years have not yielded proper results. This year, once again, she is full of ambition to arrange her face in an acceptable way, but it just isn’t working out once again. My rendition of her expression communicates her trepidation, but with less of the resigned gentle anguish. It was really hard to capture that resigned gentle anguish. Maybe I’ll snatch more minutes before Friday when I hope to hang all these portraits to see if I can just soften some edges and get her a little less definite in her expression….Maybe if I could articulate in words what it is that her face is expressing….

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