Red Stuff


We got home from a week away to a harvesting emergency out in the yard…apples hitting the ground as we picked, raspberries already so ripe as to be only food for the chickens (but lots more ripe enough for human consumption), and enough tomatoes to make a first batch of salsa. So after picking steadily for about 3 hours yesterday, I faced a laundry bin, and several bags and a basket of apples, along with 2 bins of tomatoes this morning. Began peeling, slicing and putting on trays in freezer. Made 3 pie crusts for pie fabrication tomorrow. Processed the tomatoes with lots of super hot peppers to make 7 jars of salsa. Froze the raspberries, but there are lots more that need picking tomorrow. No time for painting or filing homeschool syllabii for kids.

As my camera broke the other day,  I had to create a picture in Photoshop  that describes the situation…

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