The Emperor Has No Clothes….

Leo Transcript

Approaching the “home stretch” of my second child’s homeschool education…I have brought the design and construction of the “homeschool transcript” to new heights. With help from the reference materials made available by an online “homeschoolers to college” yahoo group, I feel confident that I have included every scrap of pertinent information in the style and language of a “real” high school.

I realize that this is actually one of the things I like best about homeschooling: making it look “real”. Taking our real life, which was full of less than perfect hours and days, too much driving, lots of wondering and figuring out how to go about letting our son grow up, insecurity about not being able to provide a milieu of interesting inspiring friends for him to pick from (as we live in a rural county), and essentially trusting that he knew what he was doing. It is time to test the pudding now. It is exciting and scary, wondering if what we managed to do for him, or really what we taught him to do for himself, is enough to get him to where he wants to go next; taking all of this and summing it up on official-looking documents that I create on our home computer.

There is so much hype about getting into the sorts of colleges that he is interested in. Will the bevy of  ‘A-” that he is amassing in advanced college courses at a relatively well respected college nearby, equal the 4 years of AP courses that he couldn’t take? Will his real life experience with starting his own on-line business that is currently yielding him a small weekly income count for much? Will his high but not the very highest SAT score be evaluated in light of his complete disassociation from test-taking until he was 16?  Should I or will I be bold enough to detail my disdain for test-taking in the “School Profile” that I create to send to the colleges he applies to? Can my “Homeschool Profile” be a sort of treatise on education that explains “playing all the time” as learning? or had I better steer towards as terse a wording as possible of my rebellious educational leanings? Carefully word the document to simply say that we aimed for excellence in every way we could? Which is of course essentially what we did. It just looks dramatically different than how they do it at Exeter, though I bet Exeter uses words like: “Personalized” and “experiential”. Funny how flexible language is, how it can fit Exeter and me at the same time.

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