Shopping for Health Care?

health care shoppers

illustration by Tasha Depp


Why do I not feel the bubbling enthusiasm of these happy shoppers? Is it that I was hoping for healthcare rather than a shopping experience which I avoid whenever possible? Is it that I do not receive a regular paycheck of any substantial size and I cannot really envision how to afford a new monthly payment of over $400? Is it that I don’t believe that health care should be a consumer experience?

Catching wind of the buzz to “Start shopping for health care”, I spent some time this morning trying to ascertain what it means to me, a longtime uninsured parent of four (also uninsured). I am still not sure, but quite frankly, it looks worse than it did; there are more “shopping” options than ever, which does not seem positive as I hate the confusion of malls, and a tangled trail of links to click on that essentially take you to the same assorted “providers” who are all certainly eager to relieve me of my funds. I may just have to opt for “none” and wait for the secret police to come levy the fines.

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