Painting Process

For a long time I wanted to paint the little traffic island onto this particular psychedelic cheesecake box. So, the other day,I did:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once I got this far on it, I began to long for a regular white canvas. so I pulled one down and started on that:


While I am compelled to paint on found surfaces and often very satisfied with the result, I think that what happened was that the emerging painting on the cheesecake box was so exactly what I thought it would be (and wanted it to be) that I grew insatiably curious to try something that was harder to imagine…this same rather mundane subject with no quirk of being painted on an alien surface. I realized that what I really wanted to figure out was whether the subject would hold up in a very traditional format. What would the painting be like? This is the thing about painting; the not-knwoing that precipitates each experience of painting. I will continue work on both of these to see what happens with them.

In front of me the whole time I am working on the traffic island is this larger emergence in the vast sea of the unknown (the painting below)…I say that because the experience of painting this (and others like it) is about constantly looking for visual markers, grabbing at them , and then losing them again as I reach for another one….I can do this for hours. I have worked on the painting of Early Spring below for about maybe 15 hours and it still looks like I just started it. I love this experience! This painting will be my friend for awhile.


Lastly, and most importantly in this studio update, is that as I write, the stove pipe is getting punched through the studio barn roof, giving me great hope of soon being able to work in a heated studio through the winter!!!



2 thoughts on “Painting Process

  1. Hi, I don’t know how the electronics work as far as maintaining your “Archival Detritus” writings for the future. I do know they deserve to be preserved. They are noteworthy! Love, Dad

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