Free Ice cream?

promo lit from colleges

promo lit from colleges

My 17 year old son is on the home stretch of the college application process. About 3 months ago, I began collecting all the mail he was receiving from colleges across the US. I want to say that this was unsolicited mail, except after some discussion, he had checked the box on the PSAT test registration that granted permission for his details to be sent to colleges. And sent they were. By mid July, not a day went by that didn’t bring between one and three postcards, pamphlets, and large packages from colleges all across the US.

I decided that it was time to throw them away today, as he has decided where he is applying. I combed through them searching for the best ones: the ones that promised ice cream to prospective students who took the trouble to visit. I am sorry to say that I could not find them; I must have actually thrown those away. They did afford us quite a chuckle. Imagine basing one’s college decision on the fact that one school offers chocolate over another that only offers vanilla.

Once we are through the process, I will try to write about the process of applying to top colleges as a homeschooler…I will be more inspired to do this if we actually have some success with the applications! I think we are looking for pistachiao….

1 thought on “Free Ice cream?

  1. Ice cream, huh? That’s funny. Best of luck to your son (and you) as you go through this process. I look forward to reading more about it 🙂

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