Another violin lesson

20140410-223258.jpgMy daughter is slowly making Mozart’s “Sonata # 28 ” her own. I found myself humming part of the challenging ” tune” as we left the lesson in the car.
After that, we drove on to “hot dog” school as I have named ” dog school” in the Community College gym for our wayward dog.


3 thoughts on “Another violin lesson

  1. is your daughter or dog named ida?! i have an ida too, she is 5 and she is human (most of the time). love these sketches, what a great way to be present.

    • Yes, I saw that! My daughter is named Ida. I am sooo happy with the name, aren’t you? My best friend told me not to name her that as it was too musty and old fashioned but I LOVE the name. Thanks for appreciating the sketches!

      • totally in love with the name and (of course) feel like she couldn’t have any other. you are the first other ida we have crossed paths with who is currently in this world – most commonly a much beloved grandma or great aunt. we are apparently quite lucky to have idas in our lives. cheers!

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