Small triumphs

My son who is fourteen was engaged to act in a Columbia University Masters Program Film. He played the role of one of the other students with whom the main character goes to school. My son really hit it off with the main character and made an attempt to get his email/ facebook details back in February when the footage was shot. But all attempts at using the scribbled address failed.

To our great happiness, the youth was at the film showing last night. He and my son reconnected, and we saw the finished film. We got to see three others also.

Perhaps the greatest triumph of the evening for me personally was that I got to draw uninterrupted by fighting and arguing from the back seat. This is a picture of my husband driving down the Taconic. The children really are getting older….it helps that one of them is already gone.


2 thoughts on “Small triumphs

    • We should receive a copy of it eventually, and I just received word that it was a “Juror’s Pick” so I believe it will be included on a reel of the top Festival films, so we should end up with more than one copy….Could be fun to watch the whole reel of all the included films together! “devil’s Work” is about a kid whose Dad returns from Iraq, poisoned, and he kills himself.

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