Your dandelion is my flower

I have been carefully selecting books for my daughter to read for several years now. She has not been entranced by too many books, no matter how hard I delve back into the treasure trove of books I loved at her age…Harriet the Spy, Little Women, and then later, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, Gone With the Wind, etc. Is there a thread there? My daughter has found all of these suggestions uninspiring.

Imagine my surprise when she found The Red Badge of Courage on our book shelves. She paged through it a bit, read the back cover, and then could not put it down. She absolutely loves all the army vocabulary; “what is the difference between the infantry and the calvary mom?” (heck if i know) This parenting experience is one more reminder to let kids find out for themselves what floats their boat.

2 thoughts on “Your dandelion is my flower

  1. My kids haven’t always loved the books I loved either, especially as they got older. My daughter says the same thing about many of my favorite classics… boring. So I’ve learned to be more open-minded about their preferences, and discovered that there is plenty of good modern literature out there too.

  2. Tasha, you missed a big opportunity! The cavalry are different than infantry because they ride HORSES! The role of horses in war! Go for it!
    Love, Dad

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