Making pesto with the lawnmower


I watch the grass-expelling chute on the lawnmower anxiously as I mow. For one reason or another, the lawnmower often stops expelling grass out the chute, and then I must pause, not letting the engine stop, to poke and prod with a stick into the chute until clumps of sodden grass comes shooting out. Only then can I resume mowing. This happened more and more frequently yesterday until I was doing more poking and prying while trying not to let go of the throttle with my left hand, than mowing. Finally, the poking and prodding yielded no expelled result, so I had to bite the bullet and let the engine die. The problem with letting the mower stop, is that it cannot be started again for about 20 minutes. I am sure that any small engine mechanic reading this would be able to explain why this is so, but it is baffling to me. Anyway, with the engine off, I turned the mower on it’s side to examine it’s underbelly. Lo and behold, there was a pesto-like mass affixed to the roof of the underbelly, the blade, and of course wedged into the chute. I pried it out by scraping with my stick, but my mind definitely thought of retrieving a rubber spatula from the kitchen to scrape the green aromatic mixture off the mower parts.
When the mower predictably did not start, I gave up and went in to take a shower. Maybe tomorrow.