Homeschooling on the ski slopes

Sometimes I think of how easy it would be send my two teenagers off to school in the morning… I could have uninterrupted time to write cover letters for teaching jobs, work in my studio, revise my resume, see friends, take one friend up on a ski lesson offer, etc. Then I drive my daughter to her 10AM violin lesson where she plays Vivaldi under the tutelage of a gifted and passionate teacher. (Our school district has no strings program anyway) Next, I drop my daughter and her friend off with the friend’s mother to go to a group horse riding lesson where the two girls are going to work on jumping and then a free Latin class. (Our school district does not offer Latin) I go home, and realize that now that I do not have to pick my daughter up later thanks to the help of the other mom, I can go home, pick up my son, and head off to ski with him for a couple of warm afternoon hours. He is practicing a few things: how to do a 180 in the air off the jumps in the terrain park, and also how to teach skiing. It is a win win situation for me, as he happens to be a very good teacher and has me 100% more confident and focused on using varied pressure of my feet to steer, among lots of other things. He watches me and makes suggestions, and by the end of the afternoon, he has persuaded me to go down “Hell’s Gate”, an extremely steep icy slope named so as to dissuade middle aged novice skiers to even think of attempting it. This is what a good homeschooling day looks like. We are taking advantage of the weather, our moods, our discounted season pass, our geography, and our flexibility. We will do some math tonight in front of the fire, and go to our once a week homeschool cooperative tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Homeschooling on the ski slopes

    • Yes, thanks for reminding me of that! how could a child benefit from a day with only one other child slightly younger than her, and several adults who are sharing their passions with her? and my son? stuck on a Wed afternoon with his middle aged mom on a ski slope?? what could be more anti social than that? Such a shame they are not relegated to a room of 20 other kids their exact age who are not all sure they want to be there…surely that is a much more constructive environment for developing one’s world view….

      • Exactly! What else could encourage free thinking, creativity and expose them to diversity? My daughter does more and learns more as a “home schooled” child than she did as another cookie in a chair waiting to be molded. What an exciting day! My days aren’t nearly that adventurous but I’m hopeful we can go on a”field trip” to the mall once my newborn is a few months older to meet their social needs ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yes we do. I can hardly still believe that this day came along in the midst of the hellish ones around it. It just goes to show that it is worth waking up optimistic every morning.

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