You never know

It has been over a month since my daughter saw her orthodontist. She asked me wistfully yesterday if we could schedule an appt soon. She has had the braces on for 4 years I think, and the orthodontist has hinted that they will come off soon. Because our family address book doesnt always contain the address that I am looking for, I thought I would just “google” the orthodontist’s phone number and make the call. I did a double take at the first page of “hits” for the orthodontist’s name. The listings seemed to be about LSD and the Grateful Dead but our orthodontist’s name was included. Her office was decorated with beautiful Grateful Dead concert posters, -and it seemed obvious that she was a fan , but I hadn’t followed that line of thought any further. it appeared that she had written a book detailing her life as the girlfriend and wife of “Owsley” who had created not only the famous “wall of sound” but millions of tabs of his own LSD that he both gave away and sold at Grateful Dead events. She had apparently worked in the lab, helping to make the stuff!

There she was, a “visionary woman” in another entry. She is quite a force to contend with in the orthodontic capacity, and this new information somehow explained a lot. It is interesting how LSD could lead to holistic orthodontics. It actually makes sense, as both LSD and holistic medicine give credence to a mind/body connection or inner body experience, and to the idea of connections between things that may be subtle and ignored by mainstream medicine. My daughter swears by the cranial massages that the orthodontist gives on her better days. I couldn’t help perusing the beginning of the book on Amazon. It brought back memories of my own youth and the excitement of living in the moment then.

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