A is for Awry

Today was the day to photograph these troubled trees, succumbing to a northward force. Accidents help art a lot.

I am taking on the Blogging from A to Z challenge (thanks for alerting me to it Jeri) which entails creating a blog post for the consecutive alphabet letters throughout the month of April. I have settled on “threads” as my theme…because it allows for a lot of leeway as anything I think of is a thread running through my thoughts, but also because I am eager to identify the threads that will run through the posts. As a visual artist, I am always trying to understand what it is that compels me to make work, and then as a blogger, I am interested in figuring out what, if anything, unifies my diverse posts on alternative education, art, and “doing things the hard way”. Lastly, I will be experimenting with adding photos into my drawings and also possible weaving disparate drawings together using either the relatively crude technology of Adobe Ideas on the iPad or perhaps also Photoshop on my computer.

3 thoughts on “A is for Awry

  1. This integration of photo and your IPad drawing os cars is so creative and interesting. I look forward to seeing what you come up with each day. You have given yourself quite a challenge!

    Kathleen >

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