F is for folly

The airbag people have been calling for months about the recall on the airbags used for the Honda Odyssey 2002. I accidentally answered one of the calls and explained that our Odyssey has a limited lifespan; it has multiple lights flashing on its dashboard…the letter D flashes on the shifting panel for example. This is not a good sign. So we drive the car with an understanding that we might not get from A to B. Where is the nearest Honda dealer I asked her? Would the car even drive that far, I wondered.   

I asked enough questions and explained until I must have said something that could be checked off her list. I looked up the problem, curious whether the airbag can just implode without even an impact, or whether it only happens in a small percentage of impact situations. All I found out is that it seems that humidity increases whatever the airbag malfunction is.

3 thoughts on “F is for folly

  1. Since they were released, I’ve always thought I’d like ot won an Odyssey…just because the name names cool. I’m a Ford man though, so it probably won;t happen. Folly to suggest otherwise.

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