Letting the bees go

My son is now coming home on a later bus, so I do not have to go pick him up yet.

My daughter has texted me to bring her cutoff shorts later when I pick her up and that I can find them in the top of her clothes chest.

I remind my son to contact his guitar teacher.

One of the baby chicks has escaped and is running frantically up and down the mesh enclosure trying to figure out how to get back in.

I pull over on the side of the road to text my son that the car he will take needs gas definately.

The trays of tomato and eggplant seedlings really need water.

Oh, look, that loud hum in the back yard is a huge bee swarm.

I text my friend Deb to tell her that I am leaving the book for her on the front porch.

I filled a bottle with water for the long round trip drive northward and left it on the table,  but I remembered to run the ipad back in so that my son could do math over SKype while I am away.

I thank my stars that my good friend did not need my help taking a photo of her family today.

I wait for an idea of what to make for the pot luck lunch tomorrow.