Second Breakfast

When my children were little, they slept until they woke up as the noisy school buses lumbered by, and then they began playing. They would come downstairs and eat a bowl of cereal and then go back up.  I got as much done as I could until I heard the momentum build upstairs….the thump of blocks, the flush of the toilet. I would push my chair away from the computer, and get up and go into the kitchen. Time to make waffles, with whipped cream and raspberry sauce. or buttermilk pancakes with blueberries in them. or scones with creamcheese and raspberries in them. and others with chocolate chips. If it was Fall, I would often make a German Apple Pancake.

“Is our children learning?” George Bush famously asked. They loved second breakfast as we called the more elaborate baked confections. They took me some time…both mixing and cooking, and then clean up afterwards. And no, I was not good at getting the kids to help. But man, do they help me now. It was a pleasure caring for them like that. A real pleasure.

That was the standard we lived by.