Q is for quit, quick, and quiet…

I was going to quit this alphabet posting as it is a bit demanding and I wonder about it’s value to myself and the world, but a quick (another “q”) look back¬†encourages me to continue down the home stretch. Q is for quit, quick, and quiet; the rythmic quiet of rests in music…they pulse and throb.


P is for playing


You can play the violin, or you can just play. You can play one person against another. You can play chess. It is instructive to think about how all the work and practice of playing a musical instrument can lead to an ease and abandon that is like that of children playing tag. And on the other hand, the ease and abandon that children experience while playing tag must be weighed against the tension and challenge that they experience at the same time.

K is for Keeping…

the music going. We are very fortunate to be members of a homeschool orchestra. Kids and a few parents of all different playing abilities meet at a firehouse to practice under the competent direction of student conductors from Bard College. The orchestra plays music arranged by some of the students, and pieces written by a graduate of the orchestra who is now composing.