Homeschool sketch

Another violin lesson on a cold bright Monday morning. I have realized that most of the driving I do would happen anyway (even if the kids went to school) as these are mostly ” extra curriculars” (soccer, violin, Latin) For us they are more like “core curriculars”.


Second Reflection (Visual version of a Canon)


“Second Reflection”, oil on linen, 2013

Pachebel’s Canon and Handel kept me company through hours and hours of work on this. The canon is “a polyphonic device in which several voices play the same music, entering in sequence.” How apt for what I was painting. My immersion in this polyphonic aural and visual experience for days on end in my studio has reinvigorated my faith in art. It does prey on our emotions. It is not an intellectual exercise, but rather the sensitivescience of aural and visual orchestration that sends us to our knees when we allow ourselves to really feel the music. (or the paint?)